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Puppy Coordinators

Puppies Coordinators

The Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club has a puppy coordinator who covers the area in which the Club operates.

Peter Hopgood : 01980 677130 / 07824443803

The purpose of this page is to complement the valuable role performed by our puppy co-ordinators. If you wish to sell your puppies or wish to buy a puppy please get in touch with our co-ordinators who will be able to advise you. Please do consider the time of night when calling!

Prospective buyers are referred to the terms of use for this website. Neither the Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club nor the Downlands website accepts any responsibility or liability for inaccuracies or other matters arising from the use of this section. The club acts solely as a medium for putting vendors and purchasers in touch and will NOT intercede in any dispute, however caused.
These notices will be left in place for three months or until such time as we are advised by the vendors that they wish to withdraw them. To avoid unnecessary frustration and inconvenience we ask that vendors inform us as soon as possible on having secured homes for their puppies.
This service is offered free of charge to Downlands Club Members only who have litters available. Please consider the ‘SALE OR TRANSFER OF STOCK’ section of our code of ethics, reproduced for your convenience at the foot of this page.




I / We will only sell puppies which to the best of my/our knowledge are of good health and temperament and are at least seven weeks old, weaned and fully independent of the mother.
I / We will provide a satisfactory diet sheet, health record and details of worming, or suitable publications relating to those requirements and responsible ownership. Any dog sold or transferred over the age of twenty weeks will be fully inoculated.
I / We shall not sell dogs or puppies to any commercial dealer, agent , pet shop or laboratory or allow my/our stock to be directly or indirectly become raffle or competition prizes. Nor shall I allow my stud dog to be mated knowing that the resulting stock will be disposed of in any of the foregoing ways.
I / We shall, whenever possible, advertise stock through the channels available to the breed, i.e. Newsletters, Show schedules and magazines, or through the canine press.
I / We shall ensure that people acquiring a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from me/us understand their responsibility in the care and welfare of the dog, and that they have the time and facilities to perform those responsibilities.
I / We will provide Kennel Club Registration or application for registration and a signed pedigree showing at least three generations for each dog or puppy sold. If registration is withheld it must be with written mutual agreement.