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Judges Critiques – October 2017

The Downloads Show 21st October 2017 – Judges Report critique

Judge: David Lee

The Downlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Clubs 2017 Championship Show at the superb spacious venue Watford Leisure Centre Woodside .Herts Saturday 21st October.

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to Thank the Officers and Committee of The Downlands SBT Club for the honour and privilege to judge The Clubs 2017 Championship Show and the tremendous entry that awaited my co-Judge Mr Mark Davies (Sebsonic) and myself.

I also extend my Thanks to my Two able ring Stewards and Friends Julie and John Joyce who with their professional efficiently kept things running smoothly. I’m also honoured and sincerely thankful to All Exhibitors from the UK and Europe for allowing me the privilege in giving my opinion on your dogs.

The Quality of exhibits were exceptional and the old quote that comes to mind which was clearly evident on the quality on show today (Wish I had more red cards). I’m truly thankful to All The Exhibitors and Spectators today for your Loyal support firstly to The Breed. And to The Club. Also, if I may Thank Both The Downlands SBTC and Southern Counties SBTC for agreeing to hold this superb event i.e. back to back Breed Championship Shows with attracting excellent entries for both Clubs and Judges and clear that holding these Two shows over the weekend proved enormously successful.

Huge Congratulations to Both the Clubs Officers and Committees for your forward thinking.

Veteran Bitch 27 (15 abs)

Superb class and sadly some quality OAP’s went home cardless.

  1. Winwood & Tunnah CH. Cursus Summer Storm. B/B that still showing her qualities that gained her well-deserved crown. Lovely head and strong foreface dark eyes near well-set ears, correct mouth and still in lovely condition and sound in movement.
  2. Brutons – Zakstaff Black Duchess Gleaming B/B carrying her veteran’s years superbly super head dark round eyes neat ears correct mouth moved with drive.
  3. Desmazes & Paronneau. – Silver Cross Elvira Dark Profile (ATC AP006800POL) super smart well balanced standard B/B possessing good strong skull neat ears dark eye giving good expression correct mouth moving well both ways.

Minor Puppy (7) super class of youngsters.

  1. Riley & Corcoran, – Molru Shine Ya Light Super B/B youngster lovely shaped head and expression neat rose ears correct mouth moved so well for a youngster.
  2. O’Donovan & Corcoran- Molru Alter Ego another super youngster whom after awarding told they were litter sisters congrats to the breeder. Carries all her sister’s virtues and placings could easily change will watch their future with interest.
  3. Houwaart’s -Jecanibo’s The Jean Genie (ATCAU01893NLD) smart B/B carrying super head neat ear carriage dark eyes, correct dentition little unsettled at first but soon settled into her stride

Puppy Bitch (8 1abs) Good class of Quality Puppies.

  1. Holme’s -Goldstaff I am out of your League my first impression and word I said to myself was WOW upstanding white, superb in head strong foreface neatest of ears, with darkest of eyes giving beautiful expression clean lips and correct bite, good pigmentation good front well bodied with well developing hindquarters good tail set moved soundly. Best Puppy Bitch and in full agreement with my co-judge Best Puppy in Show Puppy with surely a bright future.
  2. Saunt’s -Moonlight -Shimmer of Darklands (IMP FRA) standard B/B in super condition lovely head shape well placed neat ears good mouth clean tight lips well placed shoulders short coupled good bend of stifle on strong hindquarters clean outline moved in harmony with handler.
  3. Desmonds, – Elitebull Moonbeam quality pup with small white patch on chest, feminine B/B nice head shape, neat ears good mouth, scored with her excellent movement.

Junior (7 1 abs) another quality in depth class. 

  1. Branten’s. – Sennyards Everybody Likes You (ATC AUO1173NLD) gleaming B/B bang on standard possessing strong deep through skull, well set ears dark round eyes giving typical breed expression good mouth, well bodied with good depth of brisket well-padded feet, well-muscled hindquarters moved with purpose.
  2. Jackson’s – Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny quality B/B carrying all the virtues of 1 and only split by the finest of decisions lovely strength in her head, strong foreface neat ears giving lovely expression in super condition and movement.
  3. Bech’s. -Angelic Staff Sunbeam Bobbie (ATC AUO1743DNK) very much to like about this super red with lovely head well set neat ears dark round eyes good dentition good bone and substance, short coupled with adequate hindquarters level topline and neat tail sound in movement.

Yearling Bitch (8 1abs) High Quality and hotly contested placings

  1. Janssen’s Earthquake Staffs Icehot NJK’17 JW’16 (ATC AU00977ESP) striking white with super head strong deep through skull, neat ears, darkest of round eyes excellent pigmentation correct mouth with clean tight lips good front, with ample depth of brisket well-padded feet good spring of rib short coupled accompanied with strong well-muscled hindquarters good drive and scored with her excellent movement another who figured highly.
  2. Stanway’s – Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff and what a cracker she is eye-catching well-constructed standard Red? White pied with lovely clean head piece good pigmentation dark eyes neat ears good mouth well placed shoulders good spring of rib well angulated hindquarters good topline standing and on the move very close decisions.
  3. VD. Meer Metzlar. Frisian Staffs Higher Than Hope (ATC AT01491NLD) lovely conditioned impressive well-balanced B/B looked good from any angle nice head with correct bite good ear carriage movement very good holding level topline standing and on the move, well set tail.

Maiden. (4 abs 4)

Novice. (2 1 abs)

  1. Fox’s. – Jolihem Foux Da Fa Fa stood alone but well worthy of her placing B/B with white chest in superb well-constructed condition well sprung ribs short coupled well-defined hindquarters good bend of stifle moved with ease and drive.

Graduate. (5.- 2 abs)

  1. Rowe & South’s. – Illori Believe in Me. super conditioned upstanding D/B with clean well-defined head, dark eyes, good mouth tight clean lipped correct mouth straight front, good rib, short coupled defined waist moved well.
  2. Ford & Williams. – Dajast Sweety with Jam N Loz JW. well-conditioned B/B with clean out lines nice head with neat well set rose ears, dark eyes giving lively expression, good mouth good front with ample depth in brisket good bend of stifle on strong hindquarters handled well movement okay when settled.
  3. Fox’s – Jolihem Honey Bunch TAF. Tidy standard Red white chest &black mask lovely head shape neat ears dark eyes with black mask enhancing her expression good front short coupled and strong well-muscled hindquarters moved okay.

Post Graduate. (9 2abs) strong competition in this class for all placings

  1. – Ramblestaff Maybe Baby well balanced B/B of nice size, lovely shaped head dark round eyes, with well-set ears, good bite scored with her body proportions short coupled keeps level topline standing and on the move, keeps nice outline.
  2. Cartwrights Zakstaff Winterfell JW. Much to like about this B/B super head shape deep strong skull lovely expression small well-set ears, good mouth well placed shoulders strong hindquarters well bent stifles good set tail movement sound with good drive.
  3. -Cadarnbull The Sixth Sense D/B in superb fit condition liked her head shape enhanced by her expression with correct bite and dark eyes sound front with good well laid shoulders well ribbed trim waistline with good hindquarters neat well-set tail moved up and down the matt soundly.

Mid Limit (3) all 3 quality exhibits

  1. Mann’s – Nerotoro Cosmic Girl JW classy B/B pleasing to the eye from all angles super attributes strong head short foreface, neat set ears dark eyes, good mouth straight front on well-placed shoulders ample spring of rib good hindquarters good sound movement.
  2. Rigg’s & Case. – Manark Gems Class Act apt name for this B/B and she is a class act well presented in top order good head with small rose ears, correct bite strong straight front good depth to brisket good drive from hind quarters good movement.
  3. Riley’s. – Jefmor Straight as a Die feminine upstanding B/B who has good head dark eyes good dentition strong front and hindquarters with good bend to the stifles moved at first erratic then moved okay

Limit. (14 2 abs) Superb class

  1. Gabel’s Hocus Pocus of Spirt- Staffs. Stunning Brindle with beautiful head shape with neatest of ears dark round eyes giving a lively expression. Well placed ears dark round eyes strong in foreface, good mouth with large teeth, clean lipped excellent attributes in body superb from any angles sound mover Figured very highly in the Challenge.
  2. Lewis’s. – Welshstaff Mysterious Girl, Athletic superb conditioned B/B slightly smaller all round than 1st but nevertheless a quality bitch from her lovely head piece to neatest of ears, dark round eyes giving wicked expression, good bite good front well placed shoulders super body proportions, sound as they come in movement very pleasing to look at from any angle.
  3. Scotland’s – Callastaff Moon River JW. strong headed B/B neatest of ears well placed dark eyes strong foreface good bite scored heavily in body proportions good bone and substance level topline good set tail moved good.

Open (21 4 abs) Exceptional Quality in depth and unfortunately many had to go cardless.

  1. Johnson’s Ginstean My Girl Lollipop at Nikkylestaff JW. B/B oozing quality with No exaggerations. Stunning head shape with the neatest of ears, well placed dark round eyes giving lively expression, good mouth, clean lipped, straight front well-padded feet ample depth of brisket, well sprung ribs, short coupled, defined waistline, well-muscled hindquarters, well set tail, neat whip tail, level topline standing and on the move, I couldn’t fault her and pleased to award the Challenge Certificate.
  2. Cund-Yates-Tune. – Tusslestaff Black Diamond at Chelmbull B/B another quality B/B that carry’s no exaggerations what so ever clean stunning outline from any angle sharing all the qualities and attributes of 1, very close decisions just preferred the all-round strength of 1.
  3. Canavan’s. CH Boldstock Am I Bovered JW, another bitch whom I greatly admire super athletic D/B with good deep through skull, strong foreface, dark eyes, well set ears, good dentition straight front with good bone and substance, well-padded feet good spring of ribs in superb nick as sound as they come moved with drive.



Firstly I would like to thank the Downlands SBTC for inviting me to judge Dogs at their show, it was a great honour to accept this invitation, the show was well organised with great atmosphere throughout the day, so I would like to say well done to the officers and committee for putting on a fantastic show, the back to back with SCSBTS has proven a huge success for both clubs, I would like to thank all the exhibitors from near and far for giving me an entry and  for taking my decisions in a sporting manner, some of my classes were full of quality but there were only 5 placings today, mouths on the day were excellent and movement on most dogs were very good, thanks goes to my two stewards for doing a great job and keeping me on my toes throughout the day. I hope you all had an enjoyable day as I did and all got home safely.

Class 1 vet dog (7,5a).                                                                                                                                                              

1st Cartwright’s CH Zackstaff Game On JW, 7 year old B/b dog in lovely condition, good strength to head with lovely expression nice round dark eye, good length of muzzle with a correct bite, decent front with good width, good feet, well placed shoulders with no looseness, well sprung rib with good rear angulation with a well let down hock, moved and handled well. BVIS on agreement with my co judge.

2nd Winwood’s Antroboss Tempesta Nera another B/b 7 year old with a lovely head shape good width to scull and muzzle holding a correct bite, good strength to underjaw, lovely front, strong short neck flowing into a correct shoulder, nice tuck to loin with good bend of stifle, short coupled moved and handled well holding a good top line.

Class 2 MPD (5).     

1st Boyle’s Kargonsstaff Katana, 7 month B/b with some white on the chest top size minor but in lovely condition, great head shape with good strength, lovely ear carriage which gave a lovely expression, well placed dark round eye, good underjaw perfect scissors bite, straight front with well padded, enough brisket for this youngster, ample rib, good bend of stifle, well balanced throughout  and moved with drive up and down the mat handled well.

2nd Lee’ Molru Throwing Shapes  8month old B/b lovely size with a nice head piece, neat ears, alert expression with correct bite, very clean outlines with good front, would prefer a little more width to front, great bone, nice tight feet, good top line with a little slop to croup, nice bend of stifle, moved with purpose for one so young, spot on handling.

3rd Thisby’s Taurinstaff Fist Of Fury. Top size puppy with lovely head with good strength for age, short deep through muzzle, good dentition,  lovely ear carriage full of spark with keen expression, good front short in body with good top line, moved ok handled well .

4th Schack Universal soldier Great’n Glory.

5th Laup’s Lets Get Ready to Rumble Berserker.

Class 3 PD (9).                                                                                                                                                              

1st Calonge’s  Diamond of Blanch Knock-Out, 101/2 month old B/b what a smart bang on standard puppy dog which is well balance with very clean outlines and in good coat, lovely head and a wicked expression, darkest of eye, correct scissors bite with very clean muzzle with tight lip, well placed shoulder giving a perfect front with tight feet, good depth of brisket and ample rib, nice tuck to loin with nice rear angulations, short coupled and moved with purpose holding a good top line handled very well. BPD.

2nd Owen’s Tagstone Tomahawk, 9 moth old B/B with white on the chest strong head with good expression , perfect bite and tight lipped, good front and enough rib, well let down on the hock with good bend of stifle in good condition, good tail carriage and level top line held on the move handled well.

3rd Roger’s Berrystock Hawker Tempest. 10 month B/b, good head shape, nice clean bite, well placed shoulder’s giving him good straight front, good rib, good bend of stifle nice top line held on the move handled well.

4th Jenkins Slatady Above The Cloud.

5th  Boyle’s Kargonsstaff Katana

4 JD (13,1a).  This was the first of the classes that oozed with quality throughout.

1st Van Wijk’s Be Aware V/D Betuws Glorie. 14 month B/b dog straight out of the top draw, oozes quality throughout , lovely head with good strength nice width to skull giving  great expression which I was looking for, well balanced with correct proportions neat ears and good length of muzzle, good cheek bumps with good strength to under jaw, correct dentation  with tight lip, perfect  front and good depth of chest, well laid back shoulders with no looseness , good top line and  in tip top condition, short coupled with tight coat, looks great from all angles with powerful rear quarters good bend of stifle  well deserved this class today, moved with purpose covering the ground with ease handled to perfection.

DRCC one to keep your eye on. 

2nd Schack’s On The Highway To Hell Great’n Glory another super B/b dog with white on the chest, great strength to head with a fantastic expression with no exaggeration, correct bite, good straight front showing good width with tight  feet, well sprung rib and good depth of brisket, good strong angulations and bend of stifle, lovely short coupled in good gleaming coat, great top line held on the move and  moved truly both ways and handled well. Very close decision just preferred the movement and overhaul balance of winner today.

3rd Bech’s Angelic Sunshine Reggae. Lovely red with white chest nice strong head with correct length of muzzle perfect scissors bite with dark muzzle, lovely front well up on is toes good spring of rib with good tuck up, good rear angulations always alert moved and handled well,

4th Parker’s Nettlewoth none Of The Wiser. 

5th Torsten Over The Top of Spirit-Staff’s

Class 5 YD (6,1a).                                                                                                                                                          

1st Brecknell’s  Chiswellstaff Lets Dance JW. B/b superb attributes, very well put together  nothing exaggerated about him, pleasing to the eye from all angles, fittest of conditions, coat gleaming, strong powerful head with a great expression and the darkest of eyes, strong under jaw with a perfect bite, well-muscled throughout, plenty of rib with powerful rear quarters moved with drive and handled well.

2nd Zibolka’s Blazen Staffs Enchanted Snowflake. Red and white pied with cracking head with wicked expression, nice placement of eyes that just followed you around the ring, correct scissor bite soundly constructed dog with great ring presence looked balanced from all angles and uses his ears well and always on his toes, moved effortlessly holding a perfect top line, presented in A1 handled well.

3rd Jordon’s Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean JW. Lovely dark red dog in great condition well balanced, strong head with good width to scull, strong muzzle with perfect bite, good bone with straight front, short coupled with good tuck to loin, nice bend of stifle moved with purpose holding a good top line handled well.

4th Cambell &Irvine’s Diamondstaff  Jack n 1Black.

5th Fox’s Jolihem Stand By Me.

Class 6 MD (2).

1st Boulton’s Nezeva Teebo. brindle dog with white chest decent head shape with dark eye, small neat rose ears, good length to muzzle with correct dentation, showing no exaggeration nice front with good depth of brisket, tidy feet with white toes on the front, good top line with well let down hock, short compact body, moved a bit erratic but when settled was fine handled well.

2nd Brady’s Calazade Black Hawk War. B/b with a good strong head, good placed ears and eye with clean lip and perfect scissors bite. Well placed shoulders, well off for bone, well ribbed and good bend of stifle, moved well both ways holding a good top line and good handling.

Class 7 ND (5).

1st Woodward’s Powerpack A Tisket A Tasket nice size bB/b dog ,well balanced with good strength of head with dark eye, correct bite nice fronted with good drop of brisket, enough rib, level top line with well angulated rear with good bend of stifle, lovely tail set moved and handled well.

2nd Anchor’s Daddy Cool B/b with white chest and four white toes lovely strength to head with dark eye clean muzzle with correct bite, short coupled with good spring of rib, powerful rear backend with good bend of stifle moved and handled well.

3rd Davies Rowenda Bomber Brown B/b with a strong powerful head, perfect bite with large teeth stood foursquare well boned and good front, short coupled  and good tuck to the loin well let down hock and moved with ease handled well,

4th Boulton’s Nizeva Teebo  .

5th Brady’s Calazde Black Hawk War

Class 8 GD (2)                                                                                                                                                                 

1st See ND winner, 2nd Fox’s Jolihem Solid Ground. Brinle and white pied good strength to head with good pigmentation dark round eye with black nose, perfect bite and good length of muzzle, well boned, with tight feet in hard condition, great top line with well angulated  rear  moved with purpose and handled well.


Class 9 PGD (11).

1st Dowse’s Edgewood Arturo B/b with white chest  what a lovely clean all round dog good ring presence, showing his potential, his head qualities were very impressive, dark eye well placed ears which he used to his advantage , expressing type with defined stop, excellent dentation, well laid back shoulders, strong bone, well  constructed throughout, short tight gleaming coat, good level top line with good underline, he has powerful rear quarters which showed when he move with drive and purpose, in fit condition and handled to prefect.

2nd Parker’s Nettleworth No Way Ho Zay top size B/b who I judged in 2014 and awarded him BPD, still got great virtues with strong head ,  good ear carriage with good width to skull, strong muzzle with good underjaw, correct bite with powerful shoulders given a good front, good spring of rib and powerful rear end, well balanced dog who moved with drive and handled well.

3rd Clarke’s Rowellstaff Ooh Aah Cantona  lovely red dog with white chest, lovely head with dark muzzle, perfect scissors bite, good front with good depth of brisket, lovely tuck up, well balanced dog with no exaggeration, firm well developed body, well coupled, good strength to rear which gave him  a powerful driving action on the move, handled very well . 4th Rowe Illori Azizi5th Freeman & Davies Moonlight Shadow At Windstaff JW.

Class 10 MLD (4,1a).

1st Hopkins Trufflestaff  Papinashuash JW B/b dog  not overdone in any way very fit and always on his toes,, dark eye with a lovely head giving a nice expression with correct bite, short strong neck leading into well placed shoulders giving him a good front, ample rib and good bend of stifle, nicely balanced throughout, moved with ease and handled well.

2nd Slattery’s Dazmarnic Up For Trouble lovely colour red with white chest, nice head with good proportions, dark mask with correct bite, short  coupled with good tuck up in the loin, dark nails on tight feet, great top line and good bend of stifle moved and handle well.

3rd Laup’s Hot Island Laskar nice brindle dog with white on the chest, good head shape with dark eye and good ear carriage, perfect bite with good length of muzzle, lovely front and good width in good condition with good bend of stifle move with drive and handler got the best out of him.

Class 11 LD (16,1a). class full of quality only had five cards what a shame..

1st Highman’s Callastaff Lakeland Lad. B/b dog that looked good to the eye from all angles with a super head piece and wicked expression who was on his toes at all times, coat gleaming, neat rose ears , darkest of eyes, strong under jaw with a perfect bite, good depth to brisket, good front, strong short neck flowing nicely into well laid shoulders with no looseness, well-muscled throughout, with great top line which was held on the move, good spring of rib with good tuck up to loin, good bend of stifle moved with purpose covering the ground with ease, my preference would like to see more to the rear quarters top class dog who should gain his title in time.

2nd  Winwood’s Nerotoro Dark Element,  another attractive B/b dog with a great head piece cracking expression, good ear placement with dark round well placed eye, prefect dentation and clean lipped in fit condition, great front stood foursquare with good width, well sprung rib and good underline powerful rear quarters with good bend of stifle, short  coupled moved freely up and down the mat and handled perfectly great dog.

3rd Zalis Glimmer Man Domidar Dogs brindle dog with great head piece giving a lovely expression, neat ears nice dark round eye, perfect scissors bite with very clean lip, strong short neck flowing into well laid back shoulders giving a good front, correct drop of brisket and amble rib, in super hard condition with very muscular rear quarters good bend of stifle, great ring presence and moved effortlessly on the mat with super handling.

4th Lewis’s Biggleswick Splas oOf Ginge.               

5th Davies Ginstean Man Of God.

Class12 OD (16,3a). and this the third class with quality throughout…

1st Holme’s CH Goldstaffs Crack The Code. and by dam did he crack my code  brindle and white pied who was star of the today for me, pure quality throughout from tip of his nose to tip of his tail, first impression on the look at this dog was yeah he’s a nice dog and then you put your hands on and then Boom Boom the quality smacks you right in the face, lovey head with good strength great pigmentation with dark round eye and black nose, perfect dentation with a very clean lip with a distinct stop, good strength to underjaw, perfect straight front with good width and drop of brisket, this dog fits the breed standard to perfection great virtues, stood foursquare with great bone perfect front with good feet that are slightly turned out, nice spring of rib and good tuck up in lion, fantastic rear end with good angulation, good bend of stifle with well let down hocks, they say a dog got to be put together correctly to move well this dog got it all moved with great drive and so parallel covering the ground with ease handler got 110% out of him today well done and was very pleased to award him the DCC and BIS on agreement with my co Judge Dave Lee.

2nd Puggaard’s NO/DK/SE/FI/EE/LT/NORD CH Beaustaff Dark and Hamsome.  B/b with white chest another top quality dog , great ring presence, lovely eye catching head piece, darkest of eyes with lovely ear carriage that he used to his advantage, good stop with distinct cheek muscle, clean muzzle with the tightest of lip, correct scissors bite, great muscle tone throughout, perfect front good feet, deep brisket and good tuck up, ample rib, good top line and powerful rear quarters with good bend of stifle, move with purpose and drive both ways holding a good tail carriage and top line, handled professionally  another credit to his owner shown in first class condition.

3rd O’donavan & Corcroran’s CH/IR CH Molru Alright Dave B/b very powerful head with great strength nice broad skull with good strength to muzzle, perfect bite in great condition hard as nails, nice  short coupled perfect  front with good bone, good feet, with a good spring of rib lovely underline with good tuck up to loin, powerful rear quarters which bulgers with muscle good bend of stifle moved freely covering the ground with ease very well handled

4th Shaw’s  Aus Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon.

5th Houwaart’s Dutch/LuxCH Jecanibo’s Ki-Adi-Mundi Dutchjch.            

Mark Davies (SEBSONIC)